• Strengthening the European vector in the domestic export of oilseeds


    Strengthening the European vector in the domestic export of oilseeds

    In January-September 2018, Ukraine exported oilseeds to $ 1,339 million. USA, which is almost 3% more than in the corresponding period of last year, informed Deputy Director of the National Research Center "Institute of Agrarian Economics", correspondent member of the National Academy of Sciences Mykola Pugachev.

    According to him, according to the results of nine months of the current year, the rape is the leader in terms of exports of goods of this group. He sold abroad 1.7 million tons worth $ 698 million. USA. Export deliveries of more than 1.5 million tonnes of soy brought domestic producers $ 600 million revenue. USA. The export value of 25 thousand tons of sunflower seeds amounted to more than 13 million dollars. USA.

    A characteristic feature of January-September 2018 was the strengthening of the European vector in the domestic export of oilseeds. In general, EU member states have bought about 60% of the products in this group in Ukraine, the scientist said.

    For the first time in recent years, Germany has occupied a leading position in the ranking of the largest importers of domestic oilseeds. Its share amounted to 14% of the total exports of these products. In the nine months of 2018, this country has purchased Ukrainian oilseed crops worth $ 191 million. USA, stated Mykola Pugachev.

    Belgium came close to it with a share of 13.2%.

    Turkey, which since the beginning of the year headed the ranking of major importers of products in this group, moved to third place (13%).

    Significantly less purchases of oilseeds are made by France (8.2%), Belarus (6.0%), the Netherlands (5.8%), Iran (5.4%) and Poland (4.6%). The share of these eight countries has exceeded 70%.

    In January-September 2018, Ukraine exported $ 3.2 billion worth of fats and oils. USA, which is 8% less than last year's figures for the corresponding period, said Mykola Pugachev.

    The main export product of this group is sunflower oil. It was sold to countries of the world in the amount of 2.9 billion dollars. US $ 0.3 billion The United States is less than nine months in 2017.

    India's dominant buyer of fats and oils from Ukraine is traditionally India, which since 2015 is increasing the volume of purchases of sunflower oil. If by 2016 the share of India in domestic exports of fats and oils amounted to 29.4%, and in 2017 - 34.4%, then only for the nine months of this year its share in the structure of Ukrainian exports of this type of products was 42%, said the expert.

    The rest of the major importing countries are considerably inferior to the value of purchases: China - 7.7%, Iraq - 6.1%, the Netherlands - 5.5%, Italy - 5.4%, and Spain - 4.8%.

    Together these six countries account for about 72% of the export value of oils and fats, said Mykola Pugachev.

    The National Science Center "Institute of Agrarian Economics" was founded in 1956 in Kyiv as a scientific center for the development of economic foundations for the formation and implementation of agrarian policy in Ukraine, the actual problems of the theory and practice of agro-industrial development, the organization of the introduction into production of the achievements of economic science, the implementation of coordination research and training of scientific personnel.

    By the Decree of the President of Ukraine dated January 12, 2004 No. 48, the Institute was granted the status of a national scientific center.

    The main task of the Institute is to develop economic bases for the formation of agrarian policy in Ukraine, to study the actual problems of the development of the agro-industrial complex, to organize the introduction of agricultural science achievements in production, to coordinate research and to train personnel.

    As the "Agro Perspective" reports.

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