• Open Mind Conference, 11th of February


    Open Mind Conference, 11th of February

    GOALS OF THE CONFERENCE Open Mind Conference 2019 aims to become the central event, which will bring together the decision makers of the real estate market and relating industries to analyze the current situation in the sector, to determine the mood and vision of the main companies and personalities, to discuss the issues concerning investment attractiveness of different real estate segments of Kyiv and Ukraine, to indicate the vectors of investments and ways of growth of the development business.

    AUDIENCE 150-200 guests: authorities, representatives of investment and development companies, banking institutions and funds, sectoral agencies and communities, representatives of law, insurance and consulting companies, business and real estate owners, and others.

    REASONS TO ATTEND THE CONFERENCE  The only business event in Ukraine, dedicated to the investments in real estate.

     Unique analytical investigations and prognoses, relevant and exclusive information firsthand.

     Focus on the main segments of real estate and niche formats in Kyiv and regional cities of Ukraine.

     New business contacts, networking with market players.

     Opportunities to organize a business meeting on site (at the conference room).

    PROGRAM OF THE CONFERENCE The program of the Conference includes discussion panels, presentations and practical cases by the experts of the real estate market and related industries. The business program will be followed by non-formal networking and VIP Cocktail.

    Session 1 – Opening Remarks. Investments in Ukraine: under the influence of local and global factors. 1.1 “Gold veins“ of the Ukrainian economy. Which sectors attract the largest amounts of investments and their sources? 1.2 How attractive is the Ukrainian real estate market for local and foreign investors? Are market players ready to increase the volume of investments in real estate? What trends and factors will determine their decision? 1.3 Evaluation of reforms in Ukraine, their impact on the business environment and the investment market.

    Session 2 – Experts’ Talks. Perspectives of the Ukrainian commercial real estate sector. 2.1 Kyiv in focus: what future awaits the commercial real estate market of the capital (retail, office, hotel, and warehouse property segments)? 2.2 Investment opportunities of the regional markets of Ukraine. Which regions and sectors of real estate are the most promising for investors and developers? "Undervalued" cities and segments. 2.3 Perspective segments of the commercial real estate from the point of view of Ukrainian and foreign institutional investors.

    Session 3 – Experts’ Talks. Perspectives of the Ukrainian residential real estate sector. 3.1 Residential real estate of Kyiv and Ukraine. How long the positive construction dynamics will last for? 3.2 Should new residential real estate projects enter the market and what should they be like?

    Session 4 – Experts’ Talks. Diversification of the investment portfolio. Niche segments. 4.1 Impact investing – social projects: schools, kinder gardens, healthcare projects, etc. 4.2 Rental and leasing housing in Ukraine. 4.3 New formats: innovation and IT-parks, etc. 4.4 Undeveloped properties.

    Session 5 – Experts’ Talks. Investment model of the development project. Sources of investments. 5.1 Where and how should large and small developers and property owners look for funds today? Are banks ready to issue loans and under what conditions? How to attract investments from international funds? How important are the company's image and reputation for attracting investments – cases and practical advice. 5.2 Alternative sources of investments: crowdfunding, cryptocurrency. 5.3 Specificity of cost reduction at various stages of a development project: when, on what and how to save?

    Session 6 – Closing Remarks. Experts’ forecasts. 6.1 Investment prognoses. Can we expect an increase in the flow of investments in the real estate sector? 6.2 Who will dare to take risks: should we wait for new players? Players of what countries are interested in investing in development projects in Ukraine? 6.3 Which global and local factors will influence the real estate market and its investment potential?

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