• Features of formation and development of consulting business in Ukraine


    Features of formation and development of consulting business in Ukraine

    Features of formation and development of consulting business in Ukraine

    By consulting one of the important conditions, there is an understanding of the peculiarities of the functioning and development of consulting business in Ukraine.
    Advisory activity as professional assistance and support of managerial innovations of domestic enterprises existed and actively developed during the socialist period of the country. Numerous economic and sectoral research institutes developed and improved the production management methodology, introduced new principles for organizing production, which ensured the growth of labor efficiency, the use of material and other resources.

    The changed conditions of economic development, processes of denationalization and privatization of property gave a new impetus to management consulting. Consulting in Ukraine is becoming a special industry and business.

    Today in Ukraine there are more than 300 domestic consulting firms, 42% of which exclusively provide services on management consulting, open representations of leading consulting firms that are leaders in consulting business, including the "big five". Among the Ukrainian organizations considered consulting, 42% are only consulting, 30% - devote only 80% of the total sales to counseling. In addition, one third of educational institutions have their own consulting units.

    Unlike in developed countries, systematic cooperation with consultants that provide management services to management companies, management consulting in Ukraine is used episodically. This is due to the fact that the overwhelming majority of enterprises, firms and companies seek consulting assistance in critical situations where their own efforts can not solve existing problems.

    The lack of statistical information and the protection of commercial interests do not allow in monetary terms to assess the consulting business in terms of its profitability and financial attractiveness.

    However, a serious level of competition in this market allows us to conclude that a significant level of profitability of services provided to customers.

    Today, it is possible to clearly identify the main suppliers of consulting products in Ukraine. It:

    branches of large foreign multifunctional companies having consulting projects with Ukrainian state structures on taxation, budget regulation, improvement of the regulatory framework, as well as serving joint and foreign companies in Ukraine, banking structures;
    Representative offices of foreign consulting firms that carry out the strategy of gaining new markets and explore the attractiveness of the Ukrainian market;
    foreign consulting firms working under the programs of donor organizations and providing technical assistance on management consulting in the priority sectors of the national economy (energy, transport, communications, agriculture, etc.);
    domestic consulting firms specializing in providing services on privatization of enterprises, including valuation of property, preparation of documentary support of the privatization process, etc .;
    specialized consulting firms that provide advisory services in specific areas of managerial counseling (business planning, financial evaluation, marketing, tax planning, customs regulation, etc.).
    The stimulation of the development of domestic consulting business is related to the need to reduce the dependence of the Ukrainian economy on foreign experts and reduce costs for foreign highly paid specialists.

    The advantages of domestic consultants undoubtedly include the knowledge of the underlying causes (related to mentality, national peculiarities) of existing managerial problems and, in view of this, their optimal solution, as well as the possibility of adapting modern management methods to the peculiarities of domestic enterprises.

    Currently, the activities of consulting firms of Ukraine outlinesssss qualitative changes that are related to changing the specialization of services provided. The main types of consulting services are post-privatization support of enterprises for marketing research, organization of marketing at enterprises, development of business development strategies, search of partners and investors, formation of public relations, conducting an advertising campaign.

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