• ІІІ Міжнародний економічний форум


    ІІІ Міжнародний економічний форум

    ІІІ International economic forum
    “Investment opportunities of Khmelnytskyi region”

    We are pleased to invite you to participate in the ІІІ International Economic Forum “Investment opportunities of Khmelnytskyi region”, held on March 14th to 15th, 2019. 
    The forum venue is Khmelnytskyi Academic Music and Drama Theater named after Mykhailo Starytskyi (Khmelnytskyi city, str. Soborna, 60).
    The purpose of the forum is to create favorable conditions for attraction of investments in the region's economy, formation of a positive image of the region and its popularization among potential investors. 
    Forum organizers are: Khmelnytskyi regional council; Khmelnytskyi regional state administration; Khmelnytskyi Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 
    Participants of the forum: representatives of the Government, ministries and departments, foreign diplomatic missions, trade and economic missions in Ukraine, delegations of regions of countries with which cooperation agreements are concluded, senior officials of regions of Ukraine, representatives of domestic and foreign business circles, consulting and investment companies and funds, banking institutions.
    The Forum is conducted in accordance with the Program of attraction of investments in the economy of Khmelnytskyi region for 2011-2020, which was approved by the decision of the regional council from 02.03.2011, № 42-3 / 2011.

    For additional information on the participation in ІІІ International Economic Forum call: +38 (0382) 76-47-92 або +38 (0382) 76-50-97 or write on the e-mail:

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